Who Are We

Who Are We - Tennis Made in Comunidad Valenciana


The community of Valencia has been a reference in the tennis world map for many years due to the quality and quantity of players as well as the professional coaches and trainers experts who have dedicated their lives to the sport of tennis. Among other things, Valencia consists of numerous clubs and professional academies that have given strong support and contributed to the development of new players.

Therefore, the Federal Court, as an institution of the sport within the Community, has ensured and currently oversees the development and promotion of tennis.  As a result, the idea of this project has emerged as platform for the development and promotion of Tennis in the Community of Valencia.

The area in which the project aims to act is both at a national and international level. The idea is to attract foreign audiences to the community and promote the connection between sports and tourism. However, there are more points of action that do not exclusively focus on tourism, but in a wide range of possibilities such as in the following:

Promotion of amateur championships for all classes and ages.

Regional circuits, local phases, provincial tournaments (Alicante, Castellon and Valencia), and a Masters at a landmark hotel. Promoting the image of the community and strengthening amateur tournaments

  • Promotion of highly competitive tennis and professional schools who focus training on the tennis court in collaboration with other organizations/federations such as the Real Federación Española de Tennis and the International Tennis Federation
  • Promotion of beach tennis, a sport that is rapidly growing in other countries
  • Promotion of tourism in the Valencian Community - focused to target audiences that want to combine their vacation and leisure time playing tennis
  • Development of a network of collaborating centers supporting the Tennis Made in CV project, which must meet certain requirements to become certified centers

With this idea in mind and type of work involved, we hope to extend the offer of promoting the name of Valencian tennis at an international level. With this launch, a new brand of Valencian Tennis deserves the development of this project on behalf of its long and fruitful career.